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With a view to facilitate the selection of candidates for participation in project activities under the Erasmus + program, the Steering Committee of the Independent Youth Association enacted the procedure for applying for project participants under the Erasmus + program. In accordance to the procedure, candidate selection method is following:

  • the selection of candidates will be conducted in accordance to the set terms
  • members of Steering Committee and Supervisory Board have the advantage in selection process due to cooperation and maintaining relationships with partner organizations
  • advantage over the other candidates have active regular members, i.e. members of the association with more than 30 volunteer hours per year
  • for final selection, a ranking list with the candidate’s qualifications is drawn up
  • two reserve candidates are selected in case of someone leaving the projects due to an unforeseen situation

After selecting the candidates, the Association will:

  • convene at least one joint meeting with selected participants to agree on the responsibilities of the participants, present the guidelines for presenting the Association as well as the previous experience of the members (meeting can be held using modern communication channels over the Internet)
  • acquaint participants with a code that prescribes the participants behaviour on the project
  • inform participants that after the completion of the project activities they are obligated to produce a report containing a description of the activities carried out as well as the accompanying photographs and digital content

Conditions for participation are specified in the application for participation and are publicly available.

If a minor (under the age of 18) is applying for project activities, the legal guardian’s consent must be submitted to confirm the approval for participation in the project.

The right to apply for participation in project activities have all Croatian citizens who meet the specified criteria regardless of their political, religious, national, gender, ethnic or any other origin.